The Four Most Expensive Home Audio Systems In The World
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The Four Most Expensive Home Audio Systems In The World
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The Four Most Expensive Home Audio Systems In The World

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Have you ever noticed how the show sounds better when you’re at the movie theater? That’s because of the expensive speakers surrounding you, hidden in plane sight. They’re designed to make you feel as though you’re present in the story. The sound becomes more real when it’s coming at you from all sides.

A lot of home owners might be interested in achieving this effect for their own living rooms. Movie night’s even better when you don’t have to drive to the theater. You can have that “theater” experience while watching your favorite T.V. show. But, getting this experience built into your home won’t be cheap.

Here are the four most luxurious options you could possibly choose. There are quality home audio systems that are cheaper, but none of them come with the style and features that these six, extremely expensive models do.


Option Number One: Focal Grade Utopia BE Loud Speakers

Grande Utopia

This interesting model is just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. When purchasing the Utopia BE, you’re really getting two items in one. Its unique, modern design doubles the audio system as a statement piece. The audio system is designed to look gravity defying. The speaker has a “cut-Out” back and is only fully attached in the front.

It’s also a loud red color. When you’re spending this much on an audio system, you want guests to notice it. Reviewers claim this model has a nice base performance. But really, you’re paying for how awesome it looks. If you would like your speakers to look a little more mute, you can also order this model in black.

To Own this baby, you’re going to need to lay down $269,000. While it’s expensive, it is backed with a warranty. Once you purchase this model, it’s yours for life.


Option Number Two: Goldmund Epilogue Speakers

epilogue Speakers

Buying one of these speakers will set you back $300,000. Many have made the plunge. In fact, these artsy, box-like speakers have been around since the 80’s. They’re the perfect addition to any study. If you hate the way traditional speaker look like speakers, you’ll love this option. The model looks more like a modern statue, or even a fancy bookcase.

At the base of these speakers is a large speaker-box. On top of the main one, you’re going to have three more speakers available to fill your room with sound. A small one is above the base speaker, then a medium sized one, and then another small speaker. The middle speaker is laying on it’s side, unlike the others. This creates that fun, modern look these speakers are known for.


Option Number Three: Omega 1 With Bass Horns

Omega 1 With Base Horns

For serious spenders, you may be interested in going with this incredibly expensive, foreign option. It will set you back a million dollars, but you’ll be getting a seriously beautiful audio system. Off-white, circular speakers fill your room with sound you won’t believe it isn’t live.

Unlike the other models, this one comes with a retro design. If you’re looking to lavish your home with items that show off your elegant style, you can’t miss with this piece. The speakers look like fancy, china plates. They’re perfectly circular, and collapse in to form a bowl. Remember that brass instrument you used to play in high school? This model looks similar.


Option Number Four: Audio Sphaeron Excalibur


Planning on playing some seriously loud rock and roll with your speakers? If so, it’s definitely necessary to buy speakers that look like the one’s you’d find at an ACDC concert. While there are only a few speakers in this model, these little guys are powerful. Each round, bright red speaker packs up enough decimals to make you lose your hearing. Of course, you don’t have to play them all that loud if you don’t want too.

The black and red that makes up these speakers gives it an almost a Gothic look. Unlike other speakers mentioned, these are plastered onto the wall. The black backing isn’t some boring, old rectangle. Instead, It’s sharp and has irregular edges. This adds to the rock and roll vibe this model’s good at giving off.

To add a bit of class, there’s a wooden diamond in the middle. It has a tiny, gold speaker within it. This pulls it together and keeps the piece from being tacky. To own one of these guys, you’re going to have to drop $380,000. It’s not the most expensive on the list. But, it’s still pretty pricey right?


These Are The Most Expensive Home Audio Systems

It’s fun to look at nice things, but in reality, most of us probably need to go with a cheaper model. There are plenty of quality speaker systems for less that look almost as good. I can’t promise you the same sound quality!

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