The best Bluetooth speakers available from Viral Audio | Viral Audio
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The best Bluetooth speakers available from Viral Audio | Viral Audio
The best Bluetooth speakers available from Viral Audio and a description and short write up on each
Bluetooth speakers | Viral Audio
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The best Bluetooth speakers available from Viral Audio

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Bluetooth speakers from Viral Audio offer customers the opportunity to own wireless speakers that they can travel with and use wherever they like. Bluetooth speakers are transforming our expectations for what a speaker should be, breaking convention at every turn. Our collection of Bluetooth speakers at Viral Audio are exceptional quality and our affordable range are sure to include something that will suit your needs and look great in your home.
What are Bluetooth Speakers?
Bluetooth speakers are part of the group of growing products that are designed to work wirelessly. Bluetooth speakers are designed to be used with tablet and smartphone devices. With built in amplifiers and speakers, this technology is incredibly popular these days as they are easily transportable and can be used pretty much anywhere.
These speakers can be easily paired with your device and the pairing only needs to be done once. These speakers will remember your device the moment your device comes within range of your speakers. Once you have completed the initial pairing you will be able to use them again at any time simply by turning them on again.
So simple, so efficient and so perfect for our modern living, Viral Audio can get you paired with the appropriate speakers and have you grooving. Here are our most popular, and most affordable, Bluetooth speakers which you can purchase in our easy to use online store.
Simply the best Bluetooth speakers available from Viral Audio:
Edifier Lunar Eclipse e25 BT Speaker
Viralaudio_Edifier_Luna_red_frontReminds you of Deadpool when you look at them, and they are as awesome to look at. A sleek red and black finishing, along with a promise of superb listening quality, these speakers are not to be overlooked too quickly. The speakers might be small but they have the power to pack quite a punch. As the product says, extraordinary quality has never looked better. These speakers sure are elegant and they are going to give you a phenomenal sound quality that will leave you wondering how you ever listened to music any other way.
Touch controls and a remote make these speakers easy to use and you are going to want to make these Bluetooth speakers a part of your musical arsenal. An affordable, worthwhile investment, have a look at these speakers if you are keen on buying quality.
Edifier MP233BT Speakers
viralaudio_edifier_mp233_redLooking for something that is neat, transportable and exceptionally affordable? Well you have certainly just found the product that meets those criteria. With a high level audio output and all of the latest technology, these speakers include conference call features as they include a microphone to allow you speak during calls. With these speakers you can reject a call with the push of a button or you can simply end a conversation. These speakers are ideal for travel and can be neatly packed away for when you want to go on holiday.
With a powerful battery to give you many hours of exquisite music and with the ability to store 8000 MP3 tracks, which can be stored on a Micro SD Card which is not included with this product.
Harman/Kardon Omni 10 – Wireless Speaker
viralaudio_harman/kardon_omni10_frontLooking for a product that will provide you with room filling sound? This is one of the best products that you can buy. With this system the music will reach around your home, allowing you to hear the sound wherever you are. This system allows you to set up multiple speakers all around your home and it allows you to play different music in each part of your home. Sounds good? It gets better. You can make your music follow you from one room to the next at the touch of a button. It is so convenient and means your music quality is consistent.
This system is currently on special at Viral Audio.
Viral Audio is all about giving you the technology that is going to make your beats all the better. With all of your entertainment tools in one place, you can save money and invest in a quality piece of equipment that will give you many years of incredible sound quality.

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