Make your home theatre out of this world with a Star Wars theme | Viral Audio
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Make your home theatre out of this world with a Star Wars theme | Viral Audio
Making your home theatre out of this world with a star war theme
Home theatre | Viral Audio | Star Wars Themed
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Make your home theatre out of this world with a Star Wars theme

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VA_home_cimema1A home theatre set up has it all. Screens, appropriate speaker set up and every gadget you could need to transform an everyday TV room into a scene from a galaxy far, far away. Some fans take their passion of the Sci-Fi movies Star Wars to the next level by putting their heart and soul into designing a theme that reflects their favourite movie.

Star Wars showed us that with an imagination we can visualise any world we like, worlds with futuristic people, structures and unbelievable space travel adventures. With the recent release of the 7th Star Wars film, Sci-Fi movie lovers have embraced their inner geek and brought the fantasy home with them, to transform their home theatre systems into something magical. While not all of us have the budget to splurge on a custom Star Wars home theatre, there are a few ways you can transform your home theatre system into one that will make all of your friends envious.

  1. Get the right wallpaper

The scene that gives every Star Wars fan a chill is the intro. When the starry backdrop to the words “In a galaxy far, far away…” appears on the screen, you cannot prevent your skin from breaking out in goose bumps as you await the epic story that will follow. Every fan melts at this point, some even breakdown in tears. One of the most popular scenes to use when you are transforming your home theatre into a themed one, is that starry background which you can achieve with wallpaper. By wallpapering your surrounding walls and ceiling, and by placing your home theatre within this room, you are going to be watching your movies in what feels like outer space.

This is an affordable way to quickly transform your home theatre. The right speaker set is going to enhance your film viewing pleasure experience.

  1. Transform your room into the Death Star or Millennium Falcon

Are you with the Jedi or have you gone to the Dark Side? One of the ultimate ways to show your fandom is to give your room the theme representing the Jedi or Dark Side. If you are with the Jedi Knights you can give your home theatre room a reddish makeover, with a red table and seating to resemble the room in which they meet to converse. And if you prefer hanging with the Sith Lords, having a room designed to look like the inside of the Death Star with its black and chrome touches. This look doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve, have a look at your favourite theme and draw inspiration.

  1. Introduce your collectables

If you are not entirely willing to subject your home theatre room to an entire makeover, there is a far simpler option that you can use to achieve more or less the same expression of your fandom. Many fans have collectable figurines of their favourite movie characters or they have a priceless collection of movie posters that they have preserved for many years. Collectables and posters are meant to be displayed and enjoyed so why not consider placing your collectables around your room and use your posters on your wall? This way you are not committing to an entire make over but you are still giving your room a Star Wars theme.

Star Wars has made a massive return to fame and a legion of new fans have been introduced to this glorious fantasy world.  Your home theatre doesn’t have to be boring, why not take some inspiration from your favourite movie and make your home theatre something magical?

Looking for a quality theatre system for your home? At Viral Audio we have a wonderful collection of systems for you to choose from. And the theme that you choose is up to you.

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